retraction是什么意思 retraction的翻译、中文解释

retraction是什么意思 retraction的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

As an , I cannot be an English teacher but some explanations for the word ‘retraction’ based on the context of its usage.


Retraction refers to the act of taking back or withdrawing a statement, promise, or opinion. It can also mean the physical action of pulling something back or shrinking in size.

1. Medical Science: In medical science, retraction refers to a medical condition in which the tissue or organ pulls back from its original position.

2. Journalism: In journalism, retraction means an official statement from the journalist or publication acknowledging that a previously published article or statement was incorrect.

3. Legal: In legal terms, retraction refers to the withdrawal of a legal suit or accusation.

4. Linguistics: In linguistics, retraction denotes a process of retracting the tongue or lips before ouncing a vowel.

5. Industrial Engineering: In industrial engineering, retraction is the process of removing a part or component from a system or product.


1. Medical Science: The retraction of intestines is caused due to the weakness of the abdominal wall.

2. Journalism: The newspaper issued a retraction stating that the information presented in the article was incorrect.

3. Legal: The defendant’s lawyer filed a petition for the retraction of the false accusation.

4. Linguistics: The dialect spoken in the southern states has a characteristic retraction of the vowel “e”.

5. Industrial Engineering: The company issued a recall notice for the retraction of faulty parts in their product.




1. The newspaper published a retraction of their earlier report that contained inaccurate information.(这家报纸发布了一份撤回声明,撤回了早先报道中包含的不准确的信息。)

2. The company issued a retraction of their previous statement, admitting that they were wrong.(该公司发布了一份撤回声明,承认他们之前的说法是错误的。)

3. The advertit contained false claims, and the company was forced to issue a retraction.(这则广告中包含虚假的声明,该公司发出了撤回声明。)



例句:Expasyl: a new material for gingival retraction-Clinical application. (一种新型排龈材料的临床应用。)


例句:I told them the autopsy proved that our truck driver wasn’t drunk, and I asked for a retraction. (我告诉他们, 验尸官证明了我们 的卡车司机没醉 我要求撤销 原来的结论)


例句:So you’re fishing for a story or trying to get out of writing a retraction. (不管你是在忙著把故事写完还是忙著联系撤稿)

4.缩回 、拉回

例句:GO may result in eyelid retraction, proptosis, chemosis, periorbital edema, and altered ocular motility. (翻译:GO会导致眼睑挛缩、眼球突出、球结膜水肿、眶周水肿以及眼球活动障碍。)

retraction一般作为名词使用,如在energy of retraction(弹性复原能)、filling retraction(纬纱引直装置)、gum retraction([医] 龈退缩)等常见短语中出现较多。

energy of retraction 弹性复原能 filling retraction 纬纱引直装置 gum retraction [医] 龈退缩 horizontal retraction 【制图学】水平回描 lid retraction [眼]睑退缩 mandibular retraction 下颚后收 maxillary retraction 上颚后拉 partial retraction 部分退缩 retraction bulb 回缩球

1. So you’re fishing for a story or trying to get out of writing a retraction. (翻译:不管你是在忙著把故事写完还是忙著联系撤稿)

2. GO may result in eyelid retraction, proptosis, chemosis, periorbital edema, and altered ocular motility. (翻译:GO会导致眼睑挛缩、眼球突出、球结膜水肿、眶周水肿以及眼球活动障碍。)

3. Objective Traumatic and Postoperative eyelid retraction is resulted from the retraction of the levator aponeurosis and capsulopalpebral fascia. (翻译:目的探索采用异体巩膜移植行眼睑退缩矫正手术的疗效。)

4. Still, the retraction and allegations of fraud do seem to have influenced public perception. (翻译:尽管如此,对该欺诈的指控和撤销似乎确实对公众看法产生了影响。)

5. All right, all right, I’ll have Ray Fiske make a call, see if we can get them to print a retraction. (翻译:好吧 好吧 我让雷·弗斯克去打个电话 看看能不能让他们撤回报道)

6. The retraction position may be either at the front side or at the back side of the truck. (翻译:其收放位置既可在车辆的前侧,也可在车辆的后侧。)

7. The only other retraction I ever had to issue was when I was seven and I conceded that my brother was the greatest ninja in East Texas. (翻译:我之前唯一一次公告的撤回说明 还是在我xx岁的时候 我承认我哥哥 是东德州最优秀的忍者)

8. A Slander travelling rapidly through the land upon its joyous mission was accosted by a Retraction and commanded to halt and be killed. (翻译:阿诽谤旅游地后,迅速通过其欢乐的使命是由撤消搭讪,并吩咐制止和被杀害。)

9. I asked for no apology, no retraction, no money, just an acknowledgment that they broke their own rules, and what they did was just wrong. (翻译:我不求道歉,也不需要他们撤回报道, 更不要求赔偿, 我只是让他们承认,他们这么做确实越界了, 而这样做是不对的。)

10. The severity of the muscle injury is affected by the degree of the intramuscular pressure and the length of the retraction time. (翻译:肌肉损伤的严重程度受肌肉受压程度和牵拉持续时间影响。)

11. Then– then– then make a– a statement or post a retraction somewhere. (翻译:{fnMicrosoft YaHeifs21bord1shad12cH111211b0}那么 那么做个声明 {fnMicrosoft YaHeifs14bord1shad12cH111211b0}Then – – then)

12. If you punch out the lock, they block retraction so that you couldn’t open it even if you knew the combination. (翻译:如果你把锁弄坏, 它会自行关闭 那时候就算你知道密码也无法打开了.)

13. This retraction can result in permanent damage to the surrounding connective tissue and may develop into a degenerative disease. (翻译:这回缩,可能导致永久性损坏周围的结缔组织,并可能发展成为一种退化性疾病。)

14. I just want to add that there will be no formal retraction agreement, and the amount is subject to change… (翻译:我只想补充一点 我们不会做出正式的撤销声明 赔偿金数目不会被公开…)

15. Actually, we talked about $3 million and a retraction. (翻译:事实上我们提出的是三百万赔偿 还要你们撤销节目中的言论)



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