pontas是什么意思 pontas的翻译、中文解释

pontas是什么意思 pontas的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

词义: Pontas是葡萄牙语中的一个名词,意思是“端部”、“末端”,在英语中可以翻译为“tips”或“ends”。

词性: Pontas是一个名词,可数的。


1. Pontas de cabelo (头发末端)

2. Pontas de cigarro (烟蒂)

3. Pontas de metal (金属末端)

4. Pontas de dedo (手指末端)

5. Pontas soltas (悬而未决)

短语: 没有与Pontas直接相关的短语。

发音拼写: Pontas的发音为 /ˈpõ.tɐʃ/,重音在第一个音节上。


1. As pontas de cabelo dela estão secas. (Her hair tips are dry.)

2. Ele sempre joga as pontas de cigarro na rua. (He always throws cigarette ends on the street.)

3. As pontas de metal podem ser afiadas. (Metal tips can be sharpened.)

4. Tome cuidado para não cortar as pontas dos dedos. (Be careful not to cut the tips of your fingers.)

5. Este projeto ainda tem muitas pontas soltas, precisamos resolvê-las. (This project still has many loose ends, we need to solve them.)




1. As pontas dos lá estão todas quebradas.(铅笔的尖端都断了)

2. O alpinista atingiu a ponta da montanha.(登山者到达了山顶)



例句:Students furnished more of a crowd and more noise there than artisans, and there was not, properly speaking, any quay, except from the Pont Saint-Michel to the Tour DE Nesle. (这一边学子比工匠多,因此更吵闹,人群也更多,真正说起来,河沿街只从圣米歇尔桥到纳勒塔这一段而已。)

1. Du Pont, U.S. Steel and 20 other American companies. (翻译:杜邦财团、美国钢铁公司 还有其他20家美国公司)

2. The boat reached Pont Sully, and turned slowly against the whitecaps on the Seine to head back downriver. (翻译:游船驶到苏里桥后,慢慢地掉头沿着塞纳河下游驶回。)

3. PONT focus on brand consulting and planning, film and television production, culture education investment area of investment. (翻译:PONT以实效品牌驱动体系见长,专注于品牌咨询策划、影视投资制作、文化教育投资领域。)

4. Why could Du Pont distain and trample the law, but venders have to observe all laws? (翻译:为什么杜邦可以蔑视践踏法律,那些小商贩就必须“有法必依”呢?)

5. As you know, our French and British pilots are engaged at Pont-? (翻译:众所周知,法、英飞行员正奋战在蓬达穆松市)

6. In these period rooms du Pont believed he could tell the story of the early United States through furniture and other decorative arts. (翻译:杜邦相信,他可以通过这些时光室里的家俱及其他的装潢物品,来陈述早期的美国故事。)

7. Millions of the padlocks that couples emblazon with their initials and attach to the Pont des Arts were removed last year for safety reasons. (翻译:几百万把刻着恋人首字母的同心锁去年因安全原因被从巴黎的艺术桥桥头拆下。)

8. In his video, Mesnil runs with his pole as if preparing for a vault at tourist spots like Montmartre and the Pont des Arts across the River Seine. (翻译:在影带中,梅斯尼握著他的长竿奔跑,宛如准备在蒙马特、横跨塞纳河的艺术桥等观光景点撑竿跳。)

9. That’s what I did since I had my son, you know that’s what I “had.” (pont kцzbeszуl az utolsу szуnбl = nem йrtem) (翻译:我儿子出生之后我一直在做这些工作 你知道这是我能做的)

10. ADVANTA was a special purpose rubber which had high performance and low cost developed by Du Pont Company for the automobile market challenge. ADVANTA had special balance on heat and oil resistance. (翻译:ADVANTA是美国杜邦公司为适应汽车工业寻求高性能低价格的橡胶这种市场挑战而开发的一种性能价格比更高的特种橡胶,它具有独特的耐热、耐油性能的平衡。)

11. Postcrash amnesia has robbed him of the vital three or four minutes that preceded the crash in the Pont d’Alma tunnel and its aftermath, when he lay suspended between life and death. (翻译:撞车造成的健忘症已抹掉了关于阿尔玛桥隧道里撞车前至关紧要的三四分钟以及事后情况的记忆.那时他正悬命于生死之间。)

12. The boat reached Pont Sully, and turned slowly against the whitecaps on the Seine to head back downriver. (翻译:我们的船抵达了苏利桥,然后就掉头,顺着塞纳河向下游驶去。)

13. Oh, Anna, there’s an appeal at the Scottish church in Pont Street for old clothes. (翻译:- Rose也去吗 – 为什么这么问 她说了什么吗)

14. TLF HALFCD team Le Pont du Nord _BAR_ (翻译:TLF HALFCD TeaM 北方的桥 _BAR_ 压制: xqtsss _BAR_)

15. And I spent a lifetime looking for a father, and I found one in the Golden Eagle of America, John du Pont. (翻译:我一生在寻找父亲 我找到了美国的金鹰: 约翰·杜邦)



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