guang是什么意思 guang的翻译、中文解释

guang是什么意思 guang的翻译、读音、例句、中文解释

1. Guang作为名词,可以指光线、光芒等,也可以指广告。


– The sun shines brightly, casting a warm guang over the entire city.(太阳照耀得明亮,照亮了整个城市。)

– The artist used a lot of guang in his painting, creating a sense of mystery and wonder.(画家在他的画中使用了很多光线,营造了一种神秘和奇妙的感觉。)

– This new company is really good at creating guang for their products.(这家新公司非常擅长为他们的产品制作广告。)

2. Guang缩写可以指广州市。


– I visited Guangzhou last year and was amazed by the city’s modernity and diversity.(我去年访问了广州,被这座城市的现代化和多元化所震撼。)

– Guangzhou is a popular destination for tourists because of its historical landmarks and delicious food.(因为历史名胜和美食,广州是游客们的热门目的地。)

– Many international companies have established offices in Guangzhou due to its strategic location and booming economy.(由于其战略地位和蓬勃发展的经济,许多国际公司已在广州设立了办事处。)

3. Guang缩写也可以指广场舞,这是一种在公共场所跳舞的活动。


– Every morning, the elderly people in my neighborhood gather in the park to do guangchangwu.(每天早晨,我家附近的老人们在公园聚集起来跳广场舞。)

– Some people criticize guangchangwu as a nuisance because of the loud music and crowds.(有些人批评广场舞因为高声的音乐和人群成为一种讨厌的行为。)

– Guangchangwu has become a popular form of exercise and socializing for many people in China.(广场舞已成为中国许多人锻炼和社交的一种流行方式。)



1. The guang of the setting sun was reflected in the calm waters of the lake.

2. They spent a lot of money on guang to promote their new product.

3. I’m planning to visit Guangzhou next month to attend a conference.

4. She goes to the park every evening to do guangchangwu with her friends.

5. The government has set up regulations to control the volume of guangchangwu music.




1. 这个地方的光线非常明亮,很适合拍照。

The light in this place is very bright and suitable for taking photos.

2. 广场上的人们慢慢地逛着,享受着美好的时光。

People on the square are slowly strolling and enjoying their good time.

3. 这幅画的画面很广阔,能让人感受到自然的壮观。

The picture has a broad vision, which can make people feel the grandeur of nature.



例句:This is online map of the address “Ping Chuan Zhen Nan Men Duan Guo Guang Lu , Wuping County, Longyan Shi, Fujian Province, China” . (这是地址“中国福建省龙岩市武平县平川镇南门段国光路”匹配的在线电子地图。)


例句:This is online map of the address “Guang Dong Jie Liu Xiang , Nandan County, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China” . (这是地址“中国广西壮族自治区河池市南丹县广东街六巷”匹配的在线电子地图。)

guang一般作为名词使用,如在Guang colors(广彩)、Sima Guang(司马光)、Guang Jun glaze(广钧釉)等常见短语中出现较多。

Guang colors 广彩 Sima Guang 司马光 Guang Jun glaze 广钧釉 Guang kingfisher blue 广翠 SS Guang Hua [网络] 光华轮

1. In Building Shanghai, Edward Denison and Guang Yu Ren tell the history of the city through its architecture. (翻译:在《建筑上海》中,爱德华•丹尼森和GuangYuRen通过建筑讲述了这个城市的历史。)

2. Li guang ming: yes. Our a xing said that she wants to help you go back to look for that girl, and she took this measurement, right? (翻译:李光明:就是啊,我们阿星一直说要帮你回去找那个女的,所以才用这一招对不对?)

3. This is online map of the address “Gong Jing Jie Tai Feng He Ping Guang Chang , Gongjing District, Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国四川省自贡市贡井区贡井街泰丰和平广场”匹配的在线电子地图。)

4. Tracing back to the history of Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Industry, Guang Qinghui, Ma Bingqiang and Ou Dequan have to be mentioned. (翻译:追溯伦教木工产业的发展史,关庆辉、马炳强与欧德全,三人的名字不得不提。)

5. The little Sima Guang left alone. (翻译:剩下小司马光独自在为难。)

6. This is online map of the address “Hua Yuan Xiang Guang Ji Qian Cun , Tancheng County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国山东省临沂市郯城县花园乡广集前村”匹配的在线电子地图。)

7. This is online map of the address “Xian Ren Wan Xiang Guang Ming Tang Cun , Chenxi County, Huai Hua City, Hunan Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国湖南省怀化市辰溪县仙人湾乡光明堂村”匹配的在线电子地图。)

8. Guang Zhi Yi, a record of nationwide geography by Wang Shixing, contains many historical data about Guangxi. (翻译:《广志绎》是王士性写的一部全国性地理笔记,书中对广西史地的记录,保存了较丰富的史料。)

9. The main attractions are the mountains: Mo Yun Gu, Guang Ya, Moon Pavilion, Wenchang Pavilion, and many secluded caves then. (翻译:山上主要景点有:摩云崮、佛光崖、望月亭、文昌阁和幽遂的洞窟多处。)

10. This is online map of the address “Xin Fu Lu Guang Rong Hu Tong , Huaibin County, Xinyang City, Henan Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国河南省信阳市淮滨县信阜路光荣胡同”匹配的在线电子地图。)

11. This is online map of the address “Guang Nan San Jie Jin Liang You Shi Chang , Luhe County, Shanwei City, Guangdong Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国广东省汕尾市陆河县广南三街金粮油市场”匹配的在线电子地图。)

12. It comes up to its peak in Qianlong period, after one decline with managment and up to another peak in Guang Xu period. (翻译:在乾隆时期达到高峰,经过一段衰落以后,在同治和光绪时期又达到另一次高峰。)

13. This follows official announcements of the death of the rebel leader Kin Lompoc and the arrest of his second in command, Mara Guang Di. (翻译:在此之前,公布了 叛军首领林朴的死讯 而他的第二把手君狄已经被捕)

14. Hi, Mrs Smith, this is Yang Guang. You interviewed me a few days ago. (翻译:你好,史密斯女士,我是杨光,几天前你面试过我。)

15. This is online map of the address “Hua Guang Xiang Zhan Dou Cun , Baiquan County, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, China” . (翻译:这是地址“中国黑龙江省齐齐哈尔市拜泉县华光乡战斗村”匹配的在线电子地图。)


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